Common Mind 

By: Jon D. Nelson

Cover painting: Oil on canvas by Jon D. Nelson

Movement 1: “Blink of an Eye“

Movement 2: “Golden Rule“

Movement 3: “Song of People“

Commissioned by Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras, this three-movement work for percussion, brass, and choir will be premiered in April 2019 as part of WYSO's annual percussion extravaganza.

In three movements, the work deals with a simple notion of respect on varying scales. “Blink of an Eye“ deals with respect for oneself, particularly the time one is given to live their life. “Golden Rule“ deals with respect for others - the relationships and interactions in one’s life. “Song of People“ heralds respect for humanity altogether painting the urgency of addressing climate change through text collaboratively written by Dr. Jeanne Leap, Megan McCrumb, and Jon Nelson