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"Rain" was inspired by the experience of being lost in a desolate area and feeling defeated, but then happening upon a beautiful lake and becoming overwhelmed by a sense of peace. Poet Jordan West used this story as inspiration to write a poem about spiritual awakening through the awesome power of nature. Throughout Rain, the music is closely related to the poem through text painting as fitting changes in modality and mood reflect every change in emotion that occurs in the poem. The piece captures the narrator's journey to enlightenment in four segments, each segment reflecting a stanza of the poem. The first is confused and disjunct, the second dejected, the third anticipative, and the fourth joyous and uplifting. The piece ends in consonance as the narrator comes to the realization that there is no need for him to feel alone.

The recording below was performed by the Ball State University Chamber Choir under the direction of Dr. Andrew Crow, and conducted by Geoffrey Hutton.

"Rain" Score - PDF


Original Text By:

Jordan West



Running, trying to beat the sun
Before it sinks too low
I’ve forgotten my way home
Things all start to look the same
Shadows crawl and creep their way into every space
Turning brilliant orange to purple-black
I feel the air regain its bite
As the stars begin to dot the sky above
Night within is mystery, a fear of what cannot be seen
And I am truly lost

Falling into deep despair
Have I seen this place?
In the dark my eyes fail me
The moon is swallowed by a cloud
And I am left alone

As hope begins to disappear,
Lightning splits the sky in two
As the thunder shakes my soul
I see all that hides beyond the stars
All that hides beyond the stars

Rain floods me with bliss
And I am not alone

© 2013